Ways to Exterminate Silverfish

Five Simple Ways to Exterminate Silverfish

Even though these bugs are possibly the most gross pest to live within your house, they’re one of the most fascinating bugs. If there’s a silverfish problem you want to get rid of, then it’s important to understand everything about the silverfish. details will allow you to learn how to eliminate the silverfish and how to keep them gone for good. This guide will give you the essential things important to know so you will be able to quickly get rid of your insect issues.Pest Control - Silverfish

First and foremost – The main thing you have got to realize about silverfish is the fact that they’re unaffected by most insect poison. If you have your house sprayed frequently for insects, you should expect that the silverfish won’t be killed by the insect poison. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that they have evolved to become resistant to bug poison over the 400 million years that they inhabited this world or if it’s because of the way their body works, but this reason alone makes silverfish extermination extremely difficult.

Number-Two – Another essential detail you have got to understand about these bugs is that are night time insects. This means that they are more active after dark. This is important because you will not know how severe your silverfish problem is because silverfish only emerge whenever the room is dark, because of this you cannot find them.

Number Three – Also, if you’re trying to see if you will be able to find these bugs in your household, you’re going to have a challenge. As if not just emerging when rooms are dark does not make discovering silverfish difficult enough, they are also watchful about you discovering them. This tells you that if the silverfish can identify your presence they will not emerge and will wait for you to give up.

Number Four – One of the easiest ways to find out if you have these bugs inside your household is to check for the damage they cause to your possessions. These bugs have an unusual diet which mainly consists of starch-based meals. So silverfish will regularly eat paper, cardboard, notebook covers, and wall-paper within your home. If you search Google for silverfish damage you will be able to see images of what it looks like so you can more easily recognize it inside your house. Unfortunately, removing the silverfish’s food source is challenging do to as you can guess. Plus, if you do manage to get rid of all the paper in your household, silverfish can go up to one year without needing to eat.

These bugs can live to be up to eight years in age and the females can reproduce up to one-hundred to one hundred and fifty silverfish babies in their lifetime. This tells you that these bugs do not disappear when it gets chilly outside and will steadily wait out any chilly or miserable moments you have inside your household as long as they are sure a source of food will exist.

The above collection of silverfish details will help you to better take charge of the silverfish problem you have in your household. If you’re looking for a way to kill silverfish without having to use poison that is deadly to animals and children then there are a lot natural silverfish extraction methods that are easily available. So, if that don’t work see more @ pest-control-sa.com

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