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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

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Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces: Which Option is Right for You?

At our practice we understand that the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment is an important one and requires careful consideration of all of the factors involved. It is imperative for you to review all of your options and to make the most informed decision possible about the type of treatment that’s right for you before committing to a proposed treatment plan. Many patients come to our practice specifically seeking treatment with Invisalign or Invisalign Teen systems, but in some cases metal braces can still be one of the best options to treat some orthodontic cases. To learn about the superior benefits that Invisalign offers over traditional braces, or if you have questions that aren’t answered here- contact our dedicated team for a free Invisalign consultation. For more information click here


For the vast majority of our Invisalign patients, the number one advantage that Invisalign has over traditional metal braces is the transparent nature of the plastic aligners. The overall goal of orthodontic treatment for most of our patients is to improve the beauty of their smiles. Even though temporary, unsightly traditional metal braces are often a distant second to the clear aligners of Invisalign, and even more so for our adult patients who need to maintain a professional appearance. If necessary, Invisalign patients can simply remove their aligners for a meeting or special occasion-an option that just isn’t available with traditional braces.


Invisalign is comprised of clear plastic aligners that are designed to have smooth edges instead of the harsh and sharp edges of metal braces. The plastic aligners of Invisalign do not irritate the gums and mouth like metal braces have notoriously been known to do. Braces also require frequent adjustments, tightening, and placement of strong rubber bands that can all cause soreness and discomfort of the mouth. Invisalign patients might feel a small amount of discomfort when wearing the next set of aligners in the series of their treatment, but it dissipates quickly and never as severe as metal braces can be.

Duration of Treatment

Orthodontic treatment with traditional braces can require several years to achieve desired results, but Invisalign achieves expected results in a much shorter amount of treatment time. For patients requiring only minor orthodontic correction, the Invisalign Express system could a viable treatment option to attain desired results in a matter of months and not years. Conventional metal braces often require many office visits for tightening and adjustments whereas Invisalign patients can switch to their new set of aligners in the comfort of their own home and schedule.

Oral Hygiene

The Invisalign and Invisalign Teen orthodontic treatment systems allow patients to maintain a higher level of good oral hygiene. Traditional braces require meticulous cleaning routines that make proper oral hygiene time-consuming and laborious. There are also restrictions associated with metal braces because some foods can become lodged in or between spaces in the hardware. Invisalign clear braces are meant to be removed for eating and drinking which makes proper oral hygiene like brushing and flossing more convenient and effective as well. As mentioned before, Invisalign aligners are removed for eating so there are no food restrictions and much less opportunity for food to come into contact with the aligners.


One of the biggest concerns that our patients bring to us is the worry that Invisalign treatments will cost much more than traditional braces which is certainly not always the case. In truth, Invisalign costs are often very comparable to the cost of metal braces when all aspects of treatment are considered. There are some instances where Invisalign is actually more cost-effective than traditional braces depending on the scope of treatment and the overall number of office visits required for the entirety of treatment. If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign costs and financing options, then contact our office today. We offer a number of affordable payment plans and financing options that can help Invisalign fit into most budgets.


The overwhelming majority of our patients agree that Invisalign clear braces are far more convenient than traditional metal braces. With Invisalign clear braces there are fewer visits to the dentist and shorter overall treatment times when compared to traditional braces. You can even switch to your next set of aligners at your home and on your schedule. You will also enjoy an enhanced ability to keep your mouth healthy because you can continue your normal oral hygiene routine with Invisalign treatments. There are no food restrictions like with metal braces with Invisalign due to the fact that patients remove the aligners before eating and drinking. Two persistent complaints from patients treated with metal braces is that they are difficult to clean, and that they are uncomfortable after tightening or adjusting them. Invisalign offers the awesome results of traditional braces without any of the major drawbacks that they present.

Contact Our Office for Invisalign
The first order of business when deciding whether Invisalign is going to be an appropriate treatment for your orthodontic needs is to have an Invisalign-trained professional assess your candidacy for treatment. Invisalign treatments are ideal for correcting minimally or moderately crooked teeth and gaps in a patient’s smile. For severe cases of crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth and bite problems, then traditional braces may be better able to achieve the desired results. To learn whether you are a suitable Invisalign candidate, contact our office to schedule your in-depth, free, no-obligation consultation today. Our dedicated professionals and support staff will help you to make the most informed decision possible about your available orthodontic treatment options. With Invisalign or Invisalign Teen we can get you started on the path to an amazing smile without the negative side effects of traditional braces.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Study Finds Exercise Keeps Brain Young

exerciseExercise is good for your heartand your overall body. Most people know about it. However, several studies and research have proved that it helps to keep the person’s brain young and active. It is clear that exercise is good from head to toe. A recent study has proved that people who indulge in running, swimming, and other moderate activities have excellent brain health. They look almost ten years younger than to people of the same age group.

Dr. Clinton Wright did research at the University of Miami. He has found that older people who are getting regular exercise has good cognitive abilities and it remains strong for longer. It is not easy for all people to have excellent cognitive abilities. Yoga, bowling, golf and walking are not counted. People have to start before they experience symptoms of memory loss. Dr. Clinton Wright’s team described in the Neurology journal. The study was conducted among nine hundred people and 90% came under the low-intensity category. Northern Manhattan Study is a bigger study where a large group of people participated. They were questioned about their exercise activities for the last two weeks. After seven years, each participant were tested for thinking and memory skills and also brain MRI was done.

Again five-year, thinking and memory tests were taken for the participants. About 10% of people who told that they participate in moderate and high-intensity exercise got better scores for the tests conducted after twelve years. It includes calisthenics, aerobics, racquetball or running. The team concluded that they were able to find people who were performing moderate to high activities with higher baseline scores. There was great decline seen in people who remained inactive. The level of decline was equal to the anticipated decline connected with roughly ten years of intellectual aging.

If they have experienced earlier signs of mild cognitive impairment or memory loss during their first exam, their exercise did not help them. It was clearly explained and proved by the research team members. Several studies have proved that exercises could not completely prevent Alzheimer’s, but it can delay on a greater level.

The findings have also found that brain training, eating healthier food and exercising for two years can encourage memory function of people. Another study has proved that moderate exercises like brisk walking would help in better way.

tai chiTai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise. It is also called ‘meditation in motion.’ General exercises help to maintain balance, flexibility, and strength. It is the perfect activity to maintain a healthy life. Tai Chi is getting popular in recent days. It is an excellent mind-body practice. It was originated from China. It helps to prevent and treat several health problems.

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Young Women with risk of Heart Disease

womenWomen affected with endometriosis that is a chronic painful condition affecting reproductive organs have chances to get heart disease. A new study has revealed this information. The study was published on Tuesday. American Heart Association paper- Cardiovascular quality and outcomes have found that women less than years or younger have high risks of heart disease. They are three times highly probable to get chest pain, heart attack or require a cure for blocked arteries. It was compared to women who are free from this medical condition.

Investigators from Brigham and Women’s medical center has been following 120,000 women for more than twenty years. It was found that more than 12,000 participants suffered from endometriosis. It is the development of tissue that outlines the uterus to several parts of the body. The heart disease was found in every woman who was affected with endometriosis. It has been increased and seen mostly for women who are under 40 years of age. The research revealed 52% percentage of women have increased danger of heart attack. More than 91% of women have increased chances of developing chest pain or angina. About 35% are in need of surgery or treatment for open blocked arteries.

Dr. Stacey Missmer told that it was not a coincidence. Dr. Stacey Missmer is the director of reproductive medicine and epidemiology research at the Brigham’s Women’s medical center. She has coauthored the study. She told that women suffering from endometriosis had chances of systemic inflammation. They will have poor oxidative stress record. They also have changes in their cholesterol levels and their lipid profile. All these conditions can result in high chances of cardiovascular disease. About 10% of women in reproductive age experience endo or endometriosis. According to Dr. Stacey Missmer, it can end up in important life consequences like inability to take part in daily activities or work or infertility because of extreme pain.

Allison Moldoff, who is 21 years old, was analyzed with endo while she was 12 years old. As she was growing, she experienced pain that was horrendous. She developed depression and anxiety because of fear of pain of periods each month. She stopped to exercise due to terrific pain. She began to gain weight. Moldoff told that her pain is excruciating. Her mother and older sister were diagnosed with endometriosis. She added that her pain is like having a knot in the back. When she tries to stretch out, she experienced more pain. It pierces and her whole body remains taken because of the pain. She has already undergone three surgeries to eliminate the pain. She is thinking to undergo a fourth surgery soon. She is battling with fitness and weight issues. She has learned its connection with the heart disease. Its makes her more determined to follow her nutritionist advice.