Ordering Custom Screen Printed Apparel

Follow these simple tips when ordering your custom screen printed t-shirts for a quicker and more trouble free experience.
The first thing to be discussed is the difference between screen printing and digital garment printing. In general screen printing is a more labor intensive process than digital printing and requires color separations and individual screens to be made for each color in the design. Digital garment printing on the other hand is simply a shirt printed in a printer much like the paper printer that most of us use everyday to print photos or documents. printed t shirt

The subject of a different article, but for now suffice it to say that digital garment prints work better on white or light colored shirts and are better suited to short run orders.

Artwork is a prime factor in getting your shirts printed in a timely manner. The better the artwork, the better the finished product. I’m sure you have heard the old adage “Junk in, Junk out”, well, this is truly the case when it comes to screen printing. Artwork falls into two basic groups depending on what software program produced it or where it came from.The first group I will talk about are Raster images. Raster images will have file extensions such as .bmp, .jpg ,.tif, or .psd and are pixel maps which are dependent on resolution (dots per inch ) to maintain clarity. The higher the dpi, the clearer the image will be. While Raster images are great for digital printing, they can be problematic for screen printing in that file sizes are typically large and color separations can be more difficult, not to mention the pix-elation that occurs when up sizing images. If a Raster image is the only option that you have, be sure that it is sized appropriately for screen printing and in a high resolution (at least 300 dpi original resolution) before sending to avoid additional art charges or unnecessary delays.

The second group is called vector images. Vector images are preferred by screen printers due to their flexibility in resizing without degradation, smaller file sizes and ease of color separations. Typical file extensions for vector images are .ai, .eps and .cdr. Vector images use point coordinates and mathematical equations to define elements in an image as opposed to pixels and can therefore be re-sized without discrimination. Vector images are your best bet for getting a fast turnaround and avoiding additional art charges when ordering your custom t-shirts printing.

Color selection is also something to be considered ahead of time to help expedite your order. Your printer will need to know the pantone colors that you would like to be used in your t-shirt printing.

Shirt Selection can be confusing, but basically there are two main fabric weight classes to select from, 5.6 oz or 6.1 oz. Beyond that style will need to be decided, Ladies or Men’s, short sleeve or long sleeve, pockets or not, scoop neck v-neck or regular, as well as shirt color. It will save much time if all of this is decided ahead of time, and whether you purchase your shirts from our company or not, please feel free to shop and make selections with our online Catalog If your custom t-shirts printing order includes any individualization such as names or numbers prepare a list displaying properly spelled names, numbers, and sizes to help avoid confusion.custom t shirt printing

We hope that this article has been helpful in making a custom screen printing order a little less daunting. Artistic Apparel has been in the decorated apparel business for 6 years and is a supplier of quality apparel, Screen Printing, and promotional products. Please visit our web page here, Artistic Apparel

Are You Looking For a New Home

Buying a house for whatever reason should be a fun and exciting time. Open houses are an enjoyable event. You may even visit three or four different homes in one day. There are special things to look for when going to see these houses. An open house is used to check the market and let potential buyers window-shop. There are certain criteria you have in mind when searching for the perfect home. Jot those ideas down and compare them to the homes you view.realtors

Take a notepad with you to each house and make a note of the address of the homes you visit. Jot down things you like and dislike about each house. This will help you keep track of which house is which. Make note of nearby schools, the general neighborhood, how close is freeway access, where are the shopping malls, and any other information that will help you decide on your choice of home. The commute to work is a vital piece of information. Many forget to consider how far away the job is. The last thing a person wants to do is spend too much time on the road instead of with the family. When attending an open house, remember that the neighborhood surroundings are an important aspect to purchasing a house.

Check the condition of the house, the road and the yard. Is it suitable of children or pets? Who will take care of the yard or can you hire a gardener? Whatever you desire, be sure to think of everything and take plenty of notes. A Polaroid camera is well worth taking. Clip instant snapshots to your notebook to help you remember specific houses. Buying a house is an important step, so make sure you know what to look for. Check everything. Notice cabinets, appliances, doors and even views out of the windows. Listen to noises that could be bothersome, such as a train that passes near by or a freeway. Make sure there is plenty of living space or room to add more if you desire. Most people forget to ensure there is enough closet and storage room. Write down vital pieces of information which should include anything that will help you with your decision.

At the open house, an owner or broker is likely to be present. If there is one in attendance, ask questions. Find out all the little secrets about the house. Granted they will not always be straightforward. Have a memo of each inquiry. Put in writing all the answers. When you make the choice on a house you can add these questions into the sales contact and re-ask the query. If these replies differ in the writing stage you may not want to do business with these people after all. All homes have concealed facts. Some are not real terrible but others can be horrendous. Interrogating the owner or broker is an ideal way to find out things that are not visible. Do not be shy about wanting to know how your dream home is really shaped.Sold home sign - real estate agent

Many times, several brokers, lenders or agents frequent open houses. They want your business as soon as you step foot onto the property. Do not sign anything. Even if this were the house you would like to purchase. On sight people have one agenda, to sell you something. Usually the brokers who visit many different open houses will try and get you to view other properties. Which is fine, however they do not know anything about your wishes of the home you want. The mortgage lenders may try to sell you a different house at a better rate. However, in the end it is more likely you will end up paying more. At the stage of an open house it is most probable you are playing the field.

Going to an open house is a time-honored tradition. Open houses are for looking and sometimes even buying. With an important and expensive decision to make, it is better to research and look at all of your options. When venturing upon an open house, understand all the choices offered. Try not to be persuaded in making rash decisions. You have the option of looking, taking those important notes, returning to look some more, and even moving on if this house is not for you.

Maid Service Rates

Maid service rates vary and depend on a number of factors. For instance, an individual will be cheaper than the majority of companies, mainly because they do not have to deal with the same level of overheads. Individuals looking for a maid service should probably look at small organizations. The small scale of the task is unsuited to a larger company that will charge higher rates. Small businesses may need a more thorough cleaning so maid service companies with more advanced equipment might be necessary. Naturally, this will cause the rate to increase. maid service

Basic Services
The average maid service will perform typical janitorial duties such as removing garbage, sweeping and vacuuming the floors before washing and buffing them. They should also clean the inside of windows clean and dust furniture as well as ensuring the bathroom is sanitary. In order to keep the cost down, small companies and individuals are encouraged to use maid services sparingly. Most houses will not need to be cleaned more than once a week while offices with 20 or so employees might need servicing twice a week. Large corporations must utilize maid services daily. Businesses are obliged to obey health and safety regulations so it is important to have a cleaning company on hand to prevent any problems.

More Equipment, Higher Rates
For a more comprehensive job, expect to pay much higher maid service rates. Exterior cleaning is a specialized task and one that is only performed on a monthly basis. Such a job requires the grouting of tiles, washing of exterior windows, cleaning of parking lots, pressure washing as well as dusting and cleaning of lighting fixtures. ‘Q-Tip’ cleaning is a colloquialism for an extra-thorough clean that encompasses every single nook and cranny of a building. This also requires special equipment which again, will see the maid service rates escalate.residential cleaning services

Making A Decision
In general, you will have the choice of dozens of companies. Some will be locally-based businesses, others will be national institutions. These large corporations provide expert cleaning and use the most sophisticated equipment to perform each task. All their employees should have various qualifications and the job will be completed in rapid time because of their machinery. Companies of this type may elect to charge per square foot which can cost thousands of dollars a month depending on the frequency of the cleaning and size of the building. Smaller businesses may be better suited to locally-based cleaning services. Although they will not provide the same level of service, their maid service rates will be a lot lower and more manageable. Besides, small companies do not usually need futuristic technology in order to be clean.

Most companies don’t bother with square foot charge and generally offer fixed or hourly rates. Certain companies charge extra depending on the equipment used and services provided. For example, trash pickup could be extra and other costs such as supplies and insurance will also be factored into the price. When it comes to maid service rates, it is probably better to opt for a company that charges a fixed fee. Organizations that get paid by the hour have no incentive to finish quickly. On the other hand, fixed fee companies may overlook certain areas in their rush to get the task completed in order to move onto the next job as soon as possible. Regardless of what billing method you choose, ensure the company is licensed, bonded, insured and reputable.