Las Vegas Couple Injured in the Brussels Terror Attacks

brussel attackPhilippe Breyer and Catherine were Dutch couples residing in Las Vegas. They were checking to fly home at Brussels Airport. They did not expect explosion to occur. They say the explosion exactly at the Delta check-in table. They ran other side to escape. They were not able to run far since the second explosion occurred in next five to ten seconds. They experienced the complete blast on their legs. Phillipe Breyer was totally freezing and he did not know what to do.

Catherine came to know quickly that Phillipe was getting in bad shape. She saw his left leg totally damaged. She realized that it was impossible to save. It was shredded off. A Belgian soldier appeared in front of them for assistance. Before his appearance, they thought that there might be another blast. Luckily, they escaped with two blasts. Phillipe told the reporters that Catherine asked the soldier to tie his leg. The soldier came near to Phillipe, placed his gun down and tied the legs of Phillipe.

The couple is getting treating in the hospital located in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Catherine feels thankful for the soldier who came forward to assist the couple. Phillipe has lost his left leg. It should be a worst accident they would have experienced in their lifetime. The best part is they are alive and Philippe’s life is saved.

Breyers family resides in Las Vegas in Anthem Country Club. They also have a house in Belgium. It would take some time to recover. However, they have to feel happy for their existence. Their life has been saved with an injury. In this airport attack, almost thirty-five people have died in the airport. Catherine told the press that when they were admitted to the hospital, they spoke that their life is saved and they are alive.

Majority of people who died during Brussels terror attack have been identified. Almost three bomb attacks took place at two places – Maelbeek metro station and Brussels airport. Several people were injured during the attack. The casualties belong to different countries like Spain, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Britain, Germany, France, Peru, Columbia, Belgium and the United States. Due to the explosions, the police could not identify the dead people in the attacks. The officials told that they have identified twenty-eight people till now. They could not find the names of last four people who died at the attack.  To identify, Facebook page and a website have been set up.

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