Young Women with risk of Heart Disease

womenWomen affected with endometriosis that is a chronic painful condition affecting reproductive organs have chances to get heart disease. A new study has revealed this information. The study was published on Tuesday. American Heart Association paper- Cardiovascular quality and outcomes have found that women less than years or younger have high risks of heart disease. They are three times highly probable to get chest pain, heart attack or require a cure for blocked arteries. It was compared to women who are free from this medical condition.

Investigators from Brigham and Women’s medical center has been following 120,000 women for more than twenty years. It was found that more than 12,000 participants suffered from endometriosis. It is the development of tissue that outlines the uterus to several parts of the body. The heart disease was found in every woman who was affected with endometriosis. It has been increased and seen mostly for women who are under 40 years of age. The research revealed 52% percentage of women have increased danger of heart attack. More than 91% of women have increased chances of developing chest pain or angina. About 35% are in need of surgery or treatment for open blocked arteries.

Dr. Stacey Missmer told that it was not a coincidence. Dr. Stacey Missmer is the director of reproductive medicine and epidemiology research at the Brigham’s Women’s medical center. She has coauthored the study. She told that women suffering from endometriosis had chances of systemic inflammation. They will have poor oxidative stress record. They also have changes in their cholesterol levels and their lipid profile. All these conditions can result in high chances of cardiovascular disease. About 10% of women in reproductive age experience endo or endometriosis. According to Dr. Stacey Missmer, it can end up in important life consequences like inability to take part in daily activities or work or infertility because of extreme pain.

Allison Moldoff, who is 21 years old, was analyzed with endo while she was 12 years old. As she was growing, she experienced pain that was horrendous. She developed depression and anxiety because of fear of pain of periods each month. She stopped to exercise due to terrific pain. She began to gain weight. Moldoff told that her pain is excruciating. Her mother and older sister were diagnosed with endometriosis. She added that her pain is like having a knot in the back. When she tries to stretch out, she experienced more pain. It pierces and her whole body remains taken because of the pain. She has already undergone three surgeries to eliminate the pain. She is thinking to undergo a fourth surgery soon. She is battling with fitness and weight issues. She has learned its connection with the heart disease. Its makes her more determined to follow her nutritionist advice.

Lost Indiana Woman Found After 42 Years

lula anneLula Anne Gillespie Miller is an Indiana woman. She has been disappeared since 1974. Recently, it was found that she was living in South Texas region. The police officials have found her last Thursday. She does not want to unite back with her family. Though she has not been there for 42 years with her family, she declines to join with her family. Tammy Miller told that she was angry. She added that it was not going to be a happy reunion or happy ending just like TV movies.

The police officials of Indiana State told that Lula Anne Gillespie Miller was missing in 1974. She was 28-years-old when she went missing. She was the mother of three children. She found that it was too young for her to manage three children and gave a signed custody to her parents. She went missing after giving the custody in 1974. She has left her home and traveled alone. In the year 2014, Detective Scott Jarvis took the case.

The police officials told that he was contactedby an organization named Doe Network. The organization would help in closing cold cases. While investigating the case, they came to know that Lula Anne Gillespie Miller is alive with a different name. She was found to be residing in Texas.  Tammy Miller was shocked to hear the news. The police told that they could not reveal the reason for Lula Anne Gillespie Miller to leave her family and move. They were not available for explanation.

The authorities confirmed that she has not made any crime. Though she is found she is not willing to join with her family. Tammy Miller told she will not call her back and she feels totally rejected because of her action. She said that she is hurt emotionally and it is the choice taken by her.

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