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April 25, 2024

AC Services – Coil Cleaning

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AC Services – Coil Cleaning

Air conditioner coils turn out to be blocked by means of dust, dirt, grass and other rubbish. The coils on outside air conditioning units are a vital part of the air conditioning structure, permitting heat from inside the system to get away into the outside air. Pollutants can upsurge on the coil because of storms and rain. Cleaning the outer surface of the air conditioner coil frequently enhances its capability to relocate heat, making your whole air conditioning unit work efficiently. More about Ac Repair & Services Spring Branch, Tx here
The first step is to turn off the power to avoid any kind of electric shock during the cleaning process. Eliminate any apparent garbage from the outer surface of the air conditioning system condenser. Vacuum the whole external surface of the condenser to get rid of any grime, sand, or grass that is attracted to it. Use high-quality condenser cleaner by following the directions and dispensing it inside a hand-pump aerosol. Now apply the solution on the condenser fins and wait for some time so that the cleaner cleans all the dirt and grim. Remove the screws that fasten the grill, carefully remove the grill, and take the fan outside the unit. Keep in mind to do the whole process carefully to avoid any kind of wire breakage. Now clean the fan blades gently to remove all kinds of grime. Wrap any electrical parts within the air conditioning system with synthetic cover or other water-resistant substances. Now spray the cleaner on the condenser in such a way that no water falls inside the unit. Put the nozzle of a water pipe full merely with water within the open air conditioner and start spraying water throughout the coils to take away the cleaner and grime that may be cached inside the loop. Spray the water in such a way that it goes outside the fins and does not fall in the air conditioner. Continue the cleaning process until the water coming out of the condenser fins becomes clean. Take away the synthetic bags and permit the air conditioner parts time to air dry. Reconstruct the air conditioning system by insertion the fan and grill back in position and fix the screws carefully.

It is always better to call an air conditioning repair expert as he can fix the problem in a more professional way to avoid any kind of damage.