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June 9, 2020

Are You Looking For Treasures At Estate Sales

Are You Looking For Treasures At Estate Sales

More often than not, estate sellers whether professional or beginner, do not think they need an estate sale agreement or contract. Maybe they’re thinking about the days when all you needed to seal a deal was a firm handshake or an oral agreement — a man’s word is his bond.

I still believe that most people have the integrity to honor their end of the bargain, but when a transaction involves money, personal property and real property, both parties in the agreement need a contract.

Times have changed, so we can no longer do business without having something in writing. You and your client need a written document to protect each other’s interest in an estate sale or estate liquidation transaction.

A detailed estate sale contract or agreement will alleviate any misunderstandings in any estate sale or estate liquidation, and your client should carefully review it, ask questions, and make changes, before it is signed.

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional estate seller or beginner, when you are consulting with your client, be very careful and make sure that everything that is expected of you and all important issues is put into writing, such as the scope of work, pricing method, payment method, and your commission fee.

When money is involved, the business can go sour very quickly, as it did here allegedly: Estate Sale Company, Accused Of Preying On Elderly, Grieving Family Members: Woman Says Co. Kept Thousands From Heirloom Sales.

What Is An Informal Estate Sale Contract Or Agreement Template?

An informal estate sale contract/agreement template is a detailed and solid legal document; when completed with your company’s information, it represents two parties in which the estate seller agrees to perform specific estate sale services for the client in return for a commission fee. It can be a simple one-page document, or it can be multiple pages long.

There are many basic template examples online, which could be ready for immediate use after inserting your company’s information.

Estate sale clients prefer signing a detailed, long format agreement, which is basically a contract because it seems less formal. Keep in mind, that an informal contract or agreement template, which was not prepared by a lawyer, is still binding and enforceable by law.

Insiders Secret

After an estate sale assessment or consultation, let your client keep your contract for 24 hours, if they wish before you sign it. This shows them that you are not anxious and it will give them time to fully understand the details.