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June 2018

Maid Service Rates

Maid service rates vary and depend on a number of factors. For instance, an individual will be cheaper than the majority of companies, mainly because they do not have to deal with the same level of overheads. Individuals looking for a maid service should probably look at small organizations. The small scale of the task is unsuited to a larger company that will charge higher rates. Small businesses may need a more thorough cleaning so maid service companies with more advanced equipment might be necessary. Naturally, this will cause the rate to increase. maid service

Basic Services
The average maid service will perform typical janitorial duties such as removing garbage, sweeping and vacuuming the floors before washing and buffing them. They should also clean the inside of windows clean and dust furniture as well as ensuring the bathroom is sanitary. In order to keep the cost down, small companies and individuals are encouraged to use maid services sparingly. Most houses will not need to be cleaned more than once a week while offices with 20 or so employees might need servicing twice a week. Large corporations must utilize maid services daily. Businesses are obliged to obey health and safety regulations so it is important to have a cleaning company on hand to prevent any problems.

More Equipment, Higher Rates
For a more comprehensive job, expect to pay much higher maid service rates. Exterior cleaning is a specialized task and one that is only performed on a monthly basis. Such a job requires the grouting of tiles, washing of exterior windows, cleaning of parking lots, pressure washing as well as dusting and cleaning of lighting fixtures. ‘Q-Tip’ cleaning is a colloquialism for an extra-thorough clean that encompasses every single nook and cranny of a building. This also requires special equipment which again, will see the maid service rates escalate.residential cleaning services

Making A Decision
In general, you will have the choice of dozens of companies. Some will be locally-based businesses, others will be national institutions. These large corporations provide expert cleaning and use the most sophisticated equipment to perform each task. All their employees should have various qualifications and the job will be completed in rapid time because of their machinery. Companies of this type may elect to charge per square foot which can cost thousands of dollars a month depending on the frequency of the cleaning and size of the building. Smaller businesses may be better suited to locally-based cleaning services. Although they will not provide the same level of service, their maid service rates will be a lot lower and more manageable. Besides, small companies do not usually need futuristic technology in order to be clean.

Most companies don’t bother with square foot charge and generally offer fixed or hourly rates. Certain companies charge extra depending on the equipment used and services provided. For example, trash pickup could be extra and other costs such as supplies and insurance will also be factored into the price. When it comes to maid service rates, it is probably better to opt for a company that charges a fixed fee. Organizations that get paid by the hour have no incentive to finish quickly. On the other hand, fixed fee companies may overlook certain areas in their rush to get the task completed in order to move onto the next job as soon as possible. Regardless of what billing method you choose, ensure the company is licensed, bonded, insured and reputable.